The Evaluator is an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that lets you measure how much your learners are changing their behaviour on the job and see how best to improve programme performance.

  • Understand the true impact of your learning programmes on the job
  • Guide you in how to best improve your existing programmes
  • Prove the value of your programmes within your organisation, and win budget
  • Inform programme design for new work

Run lean, smart evaluations of your learning programmes

  • The Evaluator uses pre-built KPIs and your job-specific KPIs to ensure you’re measuring the right thing. Run smart surveys to your chosen audiences with minimum interruption and have continuous live access to results and trends. Choose the model that works for you:
  • One-off snapshots
  • Measure change in performance through time
  • Compare teams, functions, organisations

Prove the value of learning and win budget

Most learning impact evaluations focus on the knowledge acquired by learners and what they thought of their experience. But that’s not demonstrating value to your organisation. If you’re looking to invest in learning, you’ll need proof of value to win budget. The Evaluator uses smart survey techniques and clear performance KPIs to give you meaningful, rich data on which to make your case.

Proven to deliver results

The Evaluator is proven to deliver insights in the corporate, government and education sectors, from targeted measurement of customer service skills across teams through to national measurement of capability development of whole sectors including adult education and primary industry.

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