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Are you suffering these frustrations with your current video service?

Time for a change!

Complete video management

From video filming to post-production through to storage of raw and produced video so that you can stream and edit your video from any device any where

Accessibility: reduce costs and access times by having media that can be accessed when needed by those that need it, regardless of where they work, the time of day or the device they use

Peace of mind: secure premium service with easy maintenance, automatic version control, and industry standard technologies and service

Control: track access and performance of your video media and chose who you share with, stream direct to your learners

Cost-effective performance: reduce storage and loading on your existing drives and services for a low monthly fee and reduce production costs

Interactivity: build interaction into your video

Low monthly fees

Storage and streaming of your video is already included throughout the life cycle of your project, but if you want us to store raw or production video after the project ends we do that for you at very competitive prices.

Only $50 per TB per month