Getting buy-in for measuring learning impact

I recently attended a webinar presented by Andy Webb from on getting buy-in from your boss for learning measurement/ analytics projects. It’s worth a look here if you have time. If not, here are a few of my takeaways…

Of course, your programme should be designed around your organisation’s KPIs, and you should measure impact on them. But don’t just go from the strategy document. Executives have their own take on what they mean, their own motivations, needs and priorities. Take the time to get to know what they are. You’ll build engagement and commitment to your project, it’ll help frame your thinking on the solution, and you’ll measure more relevant ‘stuff’.

But leaders often aren’t clear about how and what to measure. Few have backgrounds in learning analytics. Do your homework, frame up what you can report and connect it to the KPIs. Test your thinking with them before you start.

Most conversations are around ROI after programme, measured at a holistic level. Actually, small, measurable incremental improvements by learners during the programme are really important, and can be easier to capture. Plan to focus on this as you go, don’t treat evaluation as an end game.

Phil Garing – Synapsys Director

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