Microlearning with SynapsysMicrolearning in Totara with Synapsys

Synapsys recently worked with some members of the Totara User Group in Wellington about how Totara Learn could be used as a tool for bite-sized or microlearning. We defined both bite-sized and microlearning (and why there is a difference), what they are used for and spent some time showing how to use the features of the system to display and track progress for microlearning.

It was great to see some fresh ideas and discuss the ways that an enterprise learning solution could be used to handle microlearning and present back to learners how they’re progressing as well as giving the organisational level reporting we’re used to. 

We also talked about the high-levels of planning that need to go into producing microlearning and gave some idea of the Synapsys process for producing microlearning for our clients too.

Download the PPT

During the session we shared a presentation that we said we’d make available to everyone. Please click on the PPT download icon to download a copy of the presentation. Feel free to use that PowerPoint internally, if you need more explanation around it please contact us for assistance.

Thanks to all those that took part and helped make the session work!

We also mentioned our Microlearning course that we run publicly. Please click below for more information on the course or contact us if you want a course for just your organisation.

Microlearning offers flexibility in learning pathways and can help motivate learners for better learner engagement and improved retention. Learning experiences that can be pushed to learners on the job, giving them what they need in the moment to do their jobs better. But how do you make the most of these opportunities? Which tools should you use? How will learners respond? What about assessment? How do they retain what they learn?

This workshop will give you the confidence to design and develop microlearning experiences that are right for your organisation. Experiences that can build upon each other to ensure learning is targeted and hits at the right time to ensure your people can do the jobs they need to.

This course is designed primarily to help those who have responsibility for producing training or learning materials, but with limited or no experience or training. Students on this course will gain a greater understanding of learning theory and be able to relate that to their own company, gaining practical capabilities to apply what they’ve learnt back at their workplace.

A basic understanding of learning design is an absolute must have for anyone developing learning content, but if you want to take your learning content to the next level you need more than just a basic level of understanding.

We designed the Advanced Learning Design Workshop for those responsible for developing training as a profession or key function. The workshop builds upon your knowledge of learning design with research-based theory and a model for learning design that will ensure your learning is well-planned, with strategies for engaging adult learners.

You’ll also get insight into different learning technologies and how to effectively blend your learning content. With a focus on behavioural change and measurable outcomes, you’ll have the assurance that your learning content is hitting the mark.

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