Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT)

APEC 2021 Whiteboard video

The Challenge

APEC 2021 was the year-long event that was going to showcase New Zealand to the world. COVID-19 changed the game, with all interactions moving to an online platform.

The APEC team needed to move fast, not only taking the APEC experience online, but ensure that in doing so, New Zealand’s international reputation was enhanced, by delivering a seamless experience for APEC delegates.

This required a diverse APEC team to understand what the delegate experience needed to deliver, and how all the teams contributed to that experience.

Our Partnership

Synapsys worked with teams from across the organisation to understand the delegate experience from start to finish, how they interacted with each other, and with the delegates and APEC’s other service providers.

The solution was a rapid design and development process to create a whiteboard video that explains the delegate experience and individual team contributions, while a hand gradually draws an infographic showing how all the parts of the system relate to each other. The video was shared with all staff across APEC.

The Impact

Feedback from the teams was positive, with APEC staff also using the video to explain the APEC process to other stakeholders within MFAT. The APEC CEO Summit team approached us to create a similar video for CEOs across the APEC economies, explaining the value and process of the CEO summit.

Whiteboard video is a great way to explain complex processes, enabling both detail and the big picture to be communicated simply and effectively.

Have a look at the results here:

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