Worksafe Mahi Haumaru Aotearoa

Gamified risk-management learning for high-risk industries

The Challenge

Worksafe wanted to develop a risk tool that would help organisations understand concepts of risk. They knew that gamification would keep people coming back to learn, and wanted to use this technique. The challenge was to design playable, engaging activities that would teach high-level concepts about risk using the simplest possible language.

Our Partnership

We used our understanding of game design and the Synapsys Learning Activity Model to sketch wireframes, ensuring that each wireframe incorporated intrinsic rewards for the learner in addition to achieving the learning objectives. We were aiming to provide short learning experiences that functioned as actual games, rather than just having ‘game-like’ elements applied to traditional learning activities. Making it industry-agnostic and easily accessible via mobile was also important.

We collaborated with WorkSafe’s subject-matter experts, project owner, and developers (Wunderman Thompson) to flesh out the wireframes into fully populated assets based around scenarios relevant to a range of industries. See the full story here and try it for yourself here .

The Impact

We are bowled over by how well it has all come together and the partnerships that lead to this outcome. We are loving the positive feedback we’ve had from Worksafe.

In 2021, Pickled was selected as a finalist for the Webby Awards in the Mobile Experience category! From over 13,500 entries from over 70 countries, this nomination puts the Pickled! in the top 10%.

The success of the project also extends to our relationship with the client. Three years on and our partnerships is still ongoing. Since Pickled, we have also been commissioned to produce more genuinely innovative solutions, from designing unique educational competition activities for the national Young Growers and Young Farmers competitions, to producing matched pairs of Rise modules to support coaching conversations for builders, to creating literacy learning modules that support understanding of key workplace risks, to more Pickled games.

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