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Z Energy responds to new supply chain opportunities

The Challenge

The closing of the Marsden Point oil refinery meant all fuel arriving in New Zealand would now be finished product. An end of an era, and a significant change to the supply chain under which fuel companies operated in New Zealand.

Z Energy knew that the changes would mean new or enhanced capabilities for several key roles. There were new risks and opportunities to be managed, and the ability of the whole Z team to work collaboratively under the new model would be key. Timeframes were driven by the hard deadline for the Marsden Point closure.

“Each team I have worked with at Synapsys takes the time to understand our business, our culture and our audience and support us to translate business outcomes to a set of tangible learning objectives that then inform the experiences we need to deliver on those. I value their expertise in adult learning and instructional design, and I also value the way they lean in to challenge me when they feel that I am headed off on a tangent that won’t get us where we are committed to go. ”

Julie Fitzgerald - Z Energy

Our Partnership

With these goals Z Energy needed to rapidly train their staff in a way that was effective, fast paced, and clear.

The solution was to develop The Supply Chain Game, an interactive online board game where players work together as co-operative teams to supply fuel to customers in Aotearoa. To do this, they must source fuel, ship it to the right port, store it at terminals and deliver it at the precise time to meet customer fuel demands laid out along a sprint timeline. They must work collaboratively to deal with a range of challenges, keep safety and customer relationship scores high, and minimize risks and costs while learning about the effect their decision-making has on roles and functions further along the supply chain.

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