Z Energy

Customer Experience is key

The Challenge

The customer has always been key for Z Energy. Ensuring everyone understands how they contribute to the best possible experience is part of what makes Z so successful.

So when it came to a CX programme to be delivered across the company, it was never going to be something ‘off the shelf’.

Our Partnership

We co-designed and developed an experiential CX learning programme that was heavily integrated into staff’s day-to-day work. Consisting of nearly a hundred different learning objects, the plan linked pre- workshop, workshop and post-workshop activities as one learning experience, so that learners could iteratively apply their own CX thinking and practices into their roles.

Application was critical, with staff looking for opportunities to change their own work practice as they progressed. The programme was designed to help them stay on track with busy working lives, ‘Boosts’ were short activities timed to remind learners of what they were covering, and ‘nudges’ were short refreshers prompting learners to fresh content and new learning.

To find out more, see Julie Fitzgerald, Organisational Learning Manager at Z Energy explain the backstory here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbzVshn2c90.

The Impact

For a change programme where transformation results can be subtle, managers have already seen signs of shifts in behaviour on the job. Staff responded with over 70% positivity on The Evaluator survey, and are already putting into practice their understanding of CX.

A promising start to a powerful shift.

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