Z Energy

Revision of Operational Risk Management (ZORM) programme

The Challenge

Z Energy was updating its Operational Risk Management (ZORM) programme which comprises 14 standards. This was part of a capability network initiative. To ensure that the company would achieve meaningful change, this complex process had to be delivered in a clear, simple manner.  

The objective was to ensure that all employees within the Z Energy team, regardless of their level, would comprehend and adhere to the revised guidelines in their professional development, particularly during onboarding and when transitioning into new roles. 

Given the extensive nature of the change that was taking place across the entire company, the Z Team recognised the need to communicate with employees at all levels of the organisation and to empower them to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities throughout the business. 

“It reminded me about all the elements of S&W [Safety and Wellbeing] and that it is subtly weaved into my everyday working life”.  

“It was good to reconnect to our Stand commitments. While I have been at Z awhile it is great to have this to reconnect and remind what is expected and what influence I can have on creating a just culture.” 

- Z Team

Our partnership

Synapsys is dedicated to providing products that drive meaningful change for our partners.

We designed and developed an engaging and inspiring whiteboard video as the solution, keeping meaningful change in mind. We focused on the key concepts of leadership and presented the new system in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, specifically tailored to the Z team’s perspective.

By leveraging the visual nature of a whiteboard, our goal was to simplify a complex process and inspire the audience to see the big picture and understand the details.

Z Energy keeps communities and whānau moving in New Zealand, so we chose a pipeline as a metaphor to not only demonstrate the forward momentum of changes, but also closely follow the process in a step-by-step manner.

In our animation, we brought to life the faces and personalities of their leaders and people, making the process relatable and personal. By showing the Z team as real people, it helped to inspire and motivate the audience to understand how the process can be easily integrated into their daily routines and across the entire organisation, making them a more cohesive and successful team.

Whiteboard videos are a powerful tool for bringing complex ideas to life and making them easily understandable for all.

The Impact

“We worked with Synapses to develop an animation to accompany the launch of our new Safety and Wellbeing Induction. They were fantastic at bringing to life the idea we had and were able to work within our short timeframe. They took a complex model and process and were able to convert it into something that our people could easily visualise. We utilised the animation in our eLearning modules, however it is an enduring asset that we can use time and time again.” 

– Sydney Foxx (She/Her) – Organisational Capability Advisor – Kaitohutohu – Tōpūtanga Āheitanga   



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