New Client top ticket items #3: Making the most of AI rapid content authoring

We have the privilege of working across a wide range of sectors and organisations. Interestingly, we often find new clients asking the same questions. In this series of posts, we’ll address the most common challenges occupying people’s minds. Here’s #3: How do we make the most of AI-powered Rapid Authoring Tools? 

Digital learning authoring systems are rapidly adopting AI, with many embedding engines that let you draw on AI algorithms to generate content for your chosen area. This is appealing because it means less time to build content, reduced demand on Subject Matter Experts, and the ability for authors without formal learning design experience to create content.  

However, there are some concerns: 

  • How do we know that the content we’re using is accurate and complete? No tomato sauce on ice-cream here thanks.  
  • Is our IP safe? 
  • How do we get content at the right level and with the right emphasis? 
  • Most importantly, will the learning be effective if the author isn’t an experienced learning designer? 

Here’s how we’re tackling these challenges: 

  • Authors using AI-powered authoring tools need training, as anyone would with new technology. Our focus is on smart, sophisticated querying that maximises the engine’s focus on exactly what you need – not just the content itself, but also the language level, activity types and wider learning context. 
  • Built-in templates in authoring tools are necessarily generic—they have to be useful to everyone. Developing templates that align with your culture of learning, brand, and organisational context really helps create experiences that are on-point. 
  • Audit and review processes that apply a critical learning design perspective to draft material boosts motivation, engagement, and adoption 
  • Feedback systems in learning delivery flush out what’s working and what’s not, allowing for rapid updating and better learning and organisational outcomes over time. 

It sounds complex, but it’s not. Taking the time to set up quality standards and processes is as important in this space as it is in any other part of a business 

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