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Synapsys Hacks: Keeping the ‘micro’ in microlearning

Keeping microlearning short is essential because it aligns with the way people learn in today’s fast-paced, attention-scarce world. Short, focused content improves engagement, retention, accessibility, and flexibility, making it an effective approach to training and education. To help you achieve your microlearnig objectives, Synapsys put together a practical design resource: Synapsys hacks: Keeping the ‘micro’…

The SOLO Taxonomy; finding the Goldilocks Zone for learning activities

We believe that understanding the goals of a workplace learning solution is essential for creating the best experiences. If you’re clear about why your organisation wants your team to learn something, you’re in the best place to choose the optimal learning activities.   It is helpful to determine how much depth of understanding is required for…

Engage and Collaborate: Miro’s Role in Online Workshops

As online workshops have become more common, an ongoing challenge has been how to engage learners in the sessions. How do you recreate the participation and collaboration that happens when people are learning face-to-face?  Miro is a really useful tool for online facilitation, we’ve been using it in workshops for project managers. Miro is an…

How long does it take? – Navigating learning design timeframes

One of the first conversations we have with many of our clients starts like this: I’ve already done a full learning needs analysis and gathered all the content; Can you start building learning content for us? People seem quite surprised when we still want to go through a discovery process before giving a final answer…

The Curse of Knowledge

Experts sometimes do not have good insights into what support is required by beginners. It’s natural when you think about it. Experts are experts because they’ve been working in a particular space for a long time. Think of something you can do extremely well. Can you remember what it was really like when you knew…

Stages on the learning journey

At Synapsys, we see learning as being about helping the learners to move from one stage of understanding to another. It is important for us to have a solid grip on what you hope to achieve through the learning intervention, so we can support it.  Are we trying to make people aware of what they…

Achieving Competency Excellence: Public Trust’s upgrade of TrustEd with Totara TXP16!

  It’s one thing to create a competency framework for your organisation, but many find the process of effectively measuring staff achievement against it a much bigger challenge. Key to achieving this is a technology platform that makes the connection between frameworks, development pathways, and learning opportunities. Public Trust‘s recent upgrade of their TrustEd competency…

The latest Pickled cases are live!

Maybe you want to help a farmer spraying gorse on a steep slope, or you might be keen to assist Tate and his team with a bit of welding in an online game?   Back in 2019, Synapsys partnered with Worksafe New Zealand to develop the learning design for an online game suite that would help…

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