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Navigating Change: The Path Ahead with Synapsys NZ

Kia ora,   At the end of each year we always feel tired, ready for a break. December 2023 felt different. There was a real sense of exhaustion across the board. We felt the relentless acceleration of change and the pressure to keep assimilating to it. We felt economic pressures – on us personally and on…

Merry Christmas from the Synapsys Team

Kia Ora Synapsys Whānau! As we wrap up an awesome, albeit challenging year, the Synapsys NZ crew came together to reflect on the year and think about the road ahead. We had a great time discussing ways of strengthening our relationships with our partners and extending a welcome to new members of our Synapsys whānau….

Celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2023

🌟 Celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2023 with us! 🌟  As we embrace Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2023, we thought we would share the resources we find most helpful as we build our language skills. Here’s what we love and recommend:  1️⃣ Te Aka Māori Dictionary – our favourite te reo dictionary,…

Matariki – te Mātahi o te Tau

Matariki, the Māori New Year, is a special time when people, whānau, and communities come together to commemorate the past year, celebrate the present, and make plans for the upcoming year. It is a time for honouring the memories of our loved ones who are no longer with us, indulging in feasts and festivities with…

Staying Current in a Changing World

We know that transformation and adaptability are key to organisations thriving and growing. But transformation can be hard. Remaining current though? That’s much easier. Or is it? What is ‘current’ is subject to change, and might not be current in six months’ time. So what does ‘current’ mean for us, and the work we do?…

Bringing our Stands to Life

At Synapsys, our Stands reflect both how we think and are the main drivers of the work that we do. Our Stands are what we believe in and what guide us as individuals and as a business.  So what are they? Whakarerekē whaitikanga – we stand for meaningful change and the discipline to execute it….

The role learning plays in transformation

“Since I joined Synapsys a few months ago,” says Jo Parag, our General Manager Customer and Client Relationship Manager, “I have come to appreciate our positioning line of ‘Learn to Transform’. On the surface it’s a simple statement but dig a little deeper and the complexity and strength of this statement for both our clients…

Learning as you go

It’s fascinating to see how organisations are responding differently to the challenge of exploring their relationship with Te Ao Māori. Interest in Te Reo Māori is palpable, and there is a growing recognition that Tikanga Māori is an important demonstration of a commitment to recognising diversity – being inclusive. More and more though we are…

What are our Stands?

At Synapsys, our Stands reflect how we think and drive the work that we do. What are they?  Whakarerekē whaitikanga – we stand for meaningful change and the discipline to execute it. Tiakitanga Whakawhanaunga – we stand for trusting relationships and support both eachother and our communities. Manawanui – we stand for courage and speak our truth with…

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