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Digital Transformation: From tech change to behaviour change (2 of 5)

Vision, what vision? This is the second article in the series on ensuring your technology projects deliver the change and business value they are supposed to.   Read the first article here “Using learning to make technology projects stick” Technology projects are an answer to a problem. Looking through business cases for tech implementations, we often…

Digital Transformation: From tech change to behaviour change (1 of 5)

Using learning to make technology projects stick Deloitte‘s recent “The nine trends reshaping government in 2023”  report speaks of silos inside government shifting to collaborative ecosystems. Driven by trends such as accelerated technology and the rise of networked power, it describes how governments around the world are tailoring public services, bridging data networks and moving…

RNZCGP enhances learning experience for registrars with Totara TXP16

The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP) recently upgraded their Totara TXP to boost their capability to deliver learning programmes to their registrars in a more accessible, engaging, and fulfilling way.    The College uses the Totara platform to deliver General Practice Education Programme and Rural Hospital Medicine Training Programme for doctors who would…

Representing Bicultural New Zealand: Insights from Maire Smith on APEC 2021

In 2021, New Zealand was the host for APEC– a year-long, high-level diplomatic conference that would showcase New Zealand on the international stage. COVID-19 changed the game, with all interactions needing to move to an online platform on short notice. The APEC NZ team needed to move fast, not only taking the APEC – Asia-Pacific…

The limits of visual working memory and how we apply it in learning design

We all know that our ability to keep multiple things in our mind is limited. Four things is a common benchmark, and the article “When four is not four, but rather two plus two” suggests it might actually be two on each side of our brain.   And yet we see so many learning experiences ignoring…

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