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The role learning plays in transformation

“Since I joined Synapsys a few months ago,” says Jo Parag, our General Manager Customer and Client Relationship Manager, “I have come to appreciate our positioning line of ‘Learn to Transform’. On the surface it’s a simple statement but dig a little deeper and the complexity and strength of this statement for both our clients…

Learning as you go

It’s fascinating to see how organisations are responding differently to the challenge of exploring their relationship with Te Ao Māori. Interest in Te Reo Māori is palpable, and there is a growing recognition that Tikanga Māori is an important demonstration of a commitment to recognising diversity – being inclusive. More and more though we are…

Gamification in Learning: Partnering with Z Energy

  Z Energy is one of New Zealand’s largest fuel distributors, and a long-term partner of Synapsys. Z Energy first engaged Synapsys’ services when Z took over the company from Shell, and were responsible for developing a learning and training platform for pilot Z Energy sites around the country. Having now established themselves fully –…

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