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Smart learning technology in action

With over 20,000 learners, The Career Academy is an internationally recognised online education provider who partners with industry to help learners advance their careers. At that scale, operational efficiency goes hand in hand with seamless, compelling learning experiences. As their Totara partner, our job is to ensure their learning platform achieves both goals – compelling…

Synapsys Hacks: Keeping the ‘micro’ in microlearning

Keeping microlearning short is essential because it aligns with the way people learn in today’s fast-paced, attention-scarce world. Short, focused content improves engagement, retention, accessibility, and flexibility, making it an effective approach to training and education. To help you achieve your microlearnig objectives, Synapsys put together a practical design resource: Synapsys hacks: Keeping the ‘micro’…

Constraints, used properly, are the true drivers of innovation.  

Constraints, used properly, are the true drivers of innovation.   We always take the time early in the design process to establish a project’s real constraints and goals. Goals are great; they help us get clear on what we’re doing – they feel good. Constraints can be frustrating. They limit our thinking and sometimes mean exciting…

5 tips to kick off a foolproof learning project

Great ideas need excellent execution. We asked our project managers for their recipe for starting a successful learning project.     1. Identify your subject matter experts (SMEs) early to ensure they have time available for the project.   2. Get SMEs involved early so they understand the planning process and can come on the…

Supporting Farmlands Co-operative with their transformation

Farmlands Co-operative is taking their employees’ development and growth to the next level with a whole new learning experience to be rolled out this year, and it starts with Totara 17. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with them and support their vision to become reality as they roll out new functionality this…

Consolidate your systems for a streamlined, integrated experience.

Picture the scene: you’re jumping online to complete a quick training module. You sign in to your emails to double check which course your manager recommended. You then log out, and log into your learning management system to take the course. After the course, you still have questions, so you email a colleague to ask…


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