Bite-Sized Learning Solutions

So Microlearning is a big deal these days and if you’re still using your Learning Management System (or LMS) and standard e-learning tools to produce SCORM-type learning you’re probably not doing it in the most cost-effective or efficient manner. At Synapsys we’ve teamed up with industry-leading systems to be able to offer great ways to deliver bite-sized learning without pushing your LMS too far out of its comfort zone!

If you’re after Adaptive Microlearning then we have the system for you. OttoLearn is the best system for ensuring your learners can master the training they need to.

Adaptive Microlearning

If it’s simplicity you’re after then TalentCards is the system for you. From the same team that delivers the excellent Talent LMS comes the really simple way to launch and track bite-sized learning. It’s really affordable, with a great app and tracking of performance at your fingertips. It’s a solution designed for mobile learning with a lean approach that can have you releasing content in minutes to your teams.

Whichever system you choose for microlearning or bite-sized learning, make sure Synapsys are your partner!

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