Exciting features of Totara v18

As a Totara Gold Partner, the Synapsys’ team is excited to work with the latest Totara v18! 

Among numerous new features, two stand out as particularly exciting for us! 

Firstly, the capability to duplicate learning programs significantly reduces administrative time. Whether you are a course administrator, a system administrator, or a course creator, you can simply click on a program, choose to clone it, and then modify as necessary, eliminating the need to start from scratch each time. 

The second great feature is the Pathway course format, specifically designed for courses with multiple activities. This format allows learners to track their progress seamlessly on the same page where they are engaged in their learning journey within the program. Now learners can easily comprehend their position in the program, eliminating the risk of being unclear how the current learning piece connects to the overall program layout. Knowing their progress (e.g., being three-quarters of the way through) keeps them motivated and eager to explore what comes next. 

Want to know more? Check the video below!

Would you like to know how your organisation can benefit from Totara v18? We’re here to help! 


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