New client top ticket items #1: Making change stick

We have the privilege of working across a broad range of sectors and organisations. So, it’s interesting that we often find new clients asking the same questions. In this series of posts, we’ll cut across the most common challenges occupying people’s minds. 

Here’s a big one: How do we get confidence that we’ll achieve sustainable change and real adoption of new systems? Particularly when it comes to software rollouts with changes to business processes. 

Here’s a brief checklist of attributes of highly successful projects: 

  1. The business case is explicit about what success looks like: the actual behaviours and organisational benefits that denote success.
  2. Training is designed around staff roles and the changing business processes, not the structure and functionality of the software.
  3. A robust change management strategy answers the question, ‘What happens after go-live?’
  4. The project methodology is designed to deal with the hurly burly and changing context of software rollout projects. 

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