Getting organisational buy-in for change

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This article from provides a useful list of things to think about when planning for e-learning programme development and rollout. In part, it speaks to how leadership support can improve adoption by communicating benefits, providing adequate resourcing and setting clear expectations. 

All good stuff when you have leadership team buy-in, but it can be a real challenge to get it. Here are some of the top priorities that we drive for in a well constructed business case that is more likely to be adopted: 

  • Intended business benefits are clear, measurable, and directly connected to organisational strategy. Subjective benefits can be equally valid and valuable, but they’re often viewed with suspicion. The strategy for measuring and reporting them needs to be credible. 
  • The change management strategy/plan and the learning programme need to be tightly integrated throughout the whole of life of the programme and beyond; from business case development, through internal engagement and change strategies, and ultimately to benefits maximisation in BAU long after rollout. 
  • Risk is credibly described and management strategies are clear, particularly around the need for the programme to be able to flex as organisational context changes – you can be sure it will. 
  • The programme doesn’t overreach internal capability, or if it does, how capability will be bought in and managed is clear. 


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