LinkedIn 2017 Workplace Learning Report

The LinkedIn 2017 Workplace Learning Report put together by Britt Andreatta is worth a look if you are interested in:

  • Workplace learning trends
  • What areas L&D programmes are focusing on
  • The Grenier Curve for thinking about your organisation’s stage of growth and the next transformation it’s likely to go through.

It’s drawn from North American L&D professional interviews, but the trends referred to are pretty much global. A few points I found illuminating are:

  • 42% of learners engage at their desk. More engage at home, in the weekend, and at the point of need.
  • In-house instruction is still the main engagement mode. Peer to peer coaching and in-house online learning are next.

There is a bit of a contradiction here. If learners want to flex where and how they learn, is face-to-face/large structured programmes the best response? My view is that this we’ll continue to see formal training modes (workshops and large structured online programmes) continue to lose traction. If you’re not piloting alternatives to SCORM packages, you probably should be.

-Phil Garing

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