Practical Microlearning

Microlearning isn’t just about taking your large learning objects or courses and breaking them into smaller ones. Microlearning is small but self-contained pieces of learning. With our fast paced world and lack of time to spend more than a few minutes learning before performing tasks, microlearning is a must-have for most modern businesses. The problem is often that even experienced learning and development professionals or trainers just don’t know where to start when it comes to putting together microlearning.

We’re often not helped by the tools we have either. Most workplace learning has been geared towards the compliance tracking that learning management systems (or LMS) are so proficient at. These usually involve large e-learning courses that track your progress, and whilst there’s nothing stopping your LMS from holding microlearning, the approach is often just not geared for it, with an array of features and additional functions that an enterprise system is expected to have, it can make it harder to deliver small and more digestible learning on the go.

Where microlearning generally works best is where there’s a whole strategy about how it’s implemented and what it’s there to do. It’s not just “chunking up” existing learning, it’s targeted, mobile and has easy tracking and analytics. If that doesn’t sound like a traditional LMS that’s probably because it generally isn’t. The key to the success of microlearning is often in the simplicity of the content or presentation. Whilst the content is often simple, the design of it can be more complex than a full e-learning course. It places a premium on learning designers or learning experience designers when each microlearning piece is a full piece of stand-alone learning.

How do we practically put together microlearning? Here’s some simple steps to get you started:

  1. Start with analysing your needs
  2. Put together your high-level learning design (map it out)
  3. Select your tool(s) and delivery method (remember your LMS may not be involved)
  4. Design and build (this bit’s a whole other process in reality).

…and if that all sounds daunting, get some help! Synapsys has experience designing large programmes of microlearning for businesses and education. We can help you with any or all of; analysing your needs, your high-level learning design, technology selection, design and build.

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