The role learning plays in transformation

“Since I joined Synapsys a few months ago,” says Jo Parag, our General Manager Customer and Client Relationship Manager, “I have come to appreciate our positioning line of ‘Learn to Transform’.

On the surface it’s a simple statement but dig a little deeper and the complexity and strength of this statement for both our clients and our team becomes more apparent.

The role learning plays in transformation is how it facilitates desired behaviours at an individual, team or organisational level. Simply put – learning converts strategy and process into desired actions and behaviours. But getting clarity on exactly what behaviours one may desire is a challenge and can easily be confused with objectives or outcomes.

For example, you may want people in your team to show courage. Although that sounds admirable, without being clear about what you want to see them doing identified, it will be impossible to measure, or develop successful learning supports. In this case, what you may want to see is that people stand up when they don’t agree with the direction the team or leader may be taking – even when they don’t look comfortable doing so.

Getting clarity on what it is that you want to see at the heart of your transformation opens the creative and systematic possibilities of how you might get there. When you have solved this conundrum once, you have a model for further transformation.”

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