Staying Current in a Changing World

We know that transformation and adaptability are key to organisations thriving and growing. But transformation can be hard. Remaining current though? That’s much easier. Or is it? What is ‘current’ is subject to change, and might not be current in six months’ time. So what does ‘current’ mean for us, and the work we do?

We know that sound learning strategy, along with a programme of learning interventions and leader-led support is key to sustainable behaviour change. We work towards this change through sound strategy and design, supported by smart technology and embedded processes. By designing experiences and platform solutions centered around the client’s and learner’s needs and not the technology itself, Synapsys can be flexible with the way in which the change is achieved. As the common saying goes, it’s about the journey, not the destination!

Our purpose as a business also centres around this idea. Our aim is to help our clients to transform, as they respond to the challenge of change. This is particularly poignant when we think about just how much technology and the way businesses operate has changed so dramatically post-pandemic. So how do we get there?

From a business point of view, yes, transformation can be difficult – but being current will help get you there, with the end and long-term result being transformation. Through being current, you are transforming. Transformation can be described as a complete change in either the appearance or character of someone. This applies to businesses as well as individuals, and ultimately what we can take from this is that change doesn’t come at once. It’s a long-term process – so this poses the question: where to from here?

By honing in on your vision now of where you, and your organisation, would like to be in a given period of time, setting goals, and putting plans in place, and enabling those plans with interventions, systems and support, then your organisation will naturally transform over time. The key thing here though is this: at any given point in time, what is current will change and the impact of that ‘currency’ may also change. Approaches to learning are constantly evolving and what is current at one point in time is subject to change – again, this is evident in the way in which our approach to learning nation-wide has changed so drastically, particularly in recent times. Whether that means adapting your approach to be more interactive, more hands-on, or more digitised – staying current is key, and is what will help ease ‘transformation fatigue’. So ask yourself this: what does transformation mean to you?

It’s important to note that this idea of staying current applies as much to our client work as it does to Synapsys as a business. In recent months, we’ve begun our journey into Te Ao Māori, as we know this is a core part of what we do and the backbone of our work. It’s been a learning journey for each and every one of us, but ensures that we are always speaking our truth and being true to our Stands in the work that we do.

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