Achieving Competency Excellence: Public Trust’s upgrade of TrustEd with Totara TXP16!


It’s one thing to create a competency framework for your organisation, but many find the process of effectively measuring staff achievement against it a much bigger challenge. Key to achieving this is a technology platform that makes the connection between frameworks, development pathways, and learning opportunities. Public Trust‘s recent upgrade of their TrustEd competency management system on Totara TXP16 has found the right balance.  

Public Trust enhanced their competency framework from a badge completion-based model by bringing into play easy-to-follow achievement pathways. Pathways are designed to effectively support their team’s development at the individual, group, and organisational level. The potential to bring this to life was made possible using advanced features in Totara Perform and Engage. 

Progress against Public Trust’s Competency Framework can now be tracked using proficiency scales, which support staff to demonstrate a range of competencies required to deliver competent advice on trustee services and meet the financial, legal and tax requirements. 

Staff learning plans can also be managed directly from the platform, and even more conveniently, can be accessed from the integrated MS Teams environment. As a result, staff can track their progress, see what they need to work on, and understand the learning required to achieve competency in required areas. Managers can also easily keep track of their team’s competencies via assigned development pathways and confidently report on them across the organisation to meet both development and market regulatory requirements. 

If you’d like to learn about connecting capability to development to targeted learning, we’d love to chat!

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