Using Animation in E-Learning Design: Engage, Delight, and Educate Your Learners

At Synapsys, our Design Phase helps us to look at what formats will help your learners to succeed, based on the goals of your learning intervention and how you want your learners to feel about what you have to share with them. Bringing together the audience analysis with the options for interactions means the resulting e-learning will engage and delight the learners.  

Engage, delight, and educate at once

Animation is a brilliant learning design tool. A picture may communicate more than a thousand words, but using words and images together to build meaning is even better.  

Animations help us tell stories, make concepts easier to understand, and use visual surprises and humour to make things memorable. Often two minutes of animation can help learners to understand the point of an e-learning module better than hundreds of words of text. Or a process can be explained in parts, only coming together as a flowchart at the end, so learners can parse highly complex alternatives and options.  

Here’s an example.

Look how Z Energy ensured that all employees within the team, regardless of their level, knew how to play their part in their risk management process:  


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